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Killing Procrastination

We all procrastinate. What to do about it?

You pretty much know when you are procrastinating, don`t you?

That feeling in the back of your head when you know you should be doing something more important than what you are doing right now (yes, right now!).

Basically, you are running away from something.

In any situation, you are either running away from that what you are afraid of.

Or you are running towards something you love to do.

When you are procrastinating do these three things:

1. Take a moment to realize what are you running away from? what stops you from doing that what needs to be done?

When you figure that out, do the next thing:

2. What do you want? How does it look like what you want to achieve?

3. What baby step can you do towards reaching that? Here it is really about making the next step as simple as possible. Such as getting up, taking a shower, opening your laptop, closing Facebook, picking up the phone, etc.

After doing the baby step, do steps two and three again. And again. And again.

See if it works.

Try it, examine it, change it or do it again.

P.s Running towards what you love is more powerful. Go for that!

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