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All our Talent & Leadership Development Programs are co-created with our clients. Working closely with our clients ensures that we leverage each others knowledge and culture, thereby maximising the impact. 


Work and private life is an important relationship that is closely connected. How we show up and feel at work or in private greatly impacts the other. Therefore, we operate using a Holistic approach, and providing people with pragmatic tools to significantly impact their lives today!


All Programs have a sustainable character that includes Pre-work, Training & Assessment, and Integration. With tremendous support in the integration phase such as individual coaching and mentoring, webinars and exercises, we make sure that behavioural change becomes sustainable on an individual and organisational level. 


Talent Development Programs

Scientific Lifestyle assessments

The aim of the Bodyguard & the coaching

Up to 72 hours measurement of activation levels, stress responses, exercises and relaxation gives an ideal picture of your overall lifestyle and how these factors affect your well-being and health. Measuring heart rate variability (HRV) - which is the primary marker for stress and recovery levels, we can scientifically showcase how well you deal with overall challenges and individual performance.



A detailed report will be handed out, which includes a 45 minute coaching session on how to interpret the data. Based on the data and your personal lifestyle our well-being and lifestyle consultants provide you with lifestyle recommendations and how to best tackle these issues into making sustainable behavioural changes.


The Bodyguard itself

The Bodyguard is a reliable R-R interval and movement data recording device for short and long-term measurements. Bodyguard is designed for round-the-clock recordings and can be used during exercise, leisure time and sleep. The device is unobtrusive and easy to use as it attaches directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and starts recording data automatically. 




We love inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. From personal experience we know that it is not easy, therefore we make sure that we are very pragmatic and motivating in our approach. 

If you are in need of a Key Note speaker or someone to inspire your team/organisation we love to support you.

We have experts in the field of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership, Meditation, Energy Management, Creating Sustainable Change, Resilience, Flourishing, Values & Purpose, chance management and more.

Let`s Talk to find out where we can support you.


Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Interested in individual or professional coaching?

or in need of support to tackle Talent Development issues such as strategy, training, policies?

We are there for you.

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